I enjoy acting and singing. Recently I was in a theatrical production of Fiddler on the roof. I'll try and post some pictures a bit later, which I have on a DVD. Hopefully I'll be able to do another musical soon. Here's my current headshot. It was done with my own digital camera and I improved the lighting with photoshop.


Well, I auditioned for a musical last night. It began with coming in and filling out a form, then everyone was called to come in. I handed in my form along with my headshot and acting resume. Everyone gwas told to go on stage and we started out learning a dance. I had a lot of fun doing it and kept trying and trying while improving each time. I was able to catch on pretty quick, which was nice. After that, we did a little group singing by sight reading the music and then there was about 10 people who had brought in music to sing including myself. I sang "I dreamed a dream" from "Les Miserables", which I did beautifully. I made it to callbacks, which are tonight, so hopefully I'll get a nice part.

Update 2
Ok, I went to callbacks again last night with the entire group of people that was auditioning, whereas only about half were there yesterday. Again we started out with the dancing. I did much better last night than the previous night and I kept doing it over and over. When I was done, I had worn holes in the feet of my brand new tights, but that might be fixable with a needle and thread since they aren't running, which is good. After that, we group sang the song from before, which I did much better on this time. Next we started trying out for the lead characters, by singing a the main song for that character. Unfortunately, for the women there is only 1 lead role, and there was like 50 other women there. There's a lot of lead male roles, but probably only barely enough male actors to fill those. I probably should have waited until the other women sang because I went third and had only heard the song once before. For going so quickly, I think it went rather well, except I tensed up at the beginning. I would be surprised if I didn't get into the cast. I may not get the lead roles, but the other ones should be fun too. With all the dancing, I should get some great exercise, plus it's so much fun doing stuff like this with other people.

There were a couple of people there that were in the last musical I was in, so I said hi to them and exchanged phone numbers with the woman who was the stage manager for Fiddler. I also saw another guy I had been in a previous play with and I said hi. It was fun seeing some people I hadn't seen in a few years.